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Cam-Trax Technologies new website is up and running – The company website is up and running, demoing a product similar to the platform we will launch soon. Want to develop content? Embed it in your site at launch? Contact us.
Comfy launches its new product based on Cam-Trax technology. September 2010, Comfy launched a retail product in which Cam-Trax technology is significantly embedded. The technology tracks the specially designed controllers which were designed by Comfy. Buy the iCam, Cam-Trax and Comfy product here.
Cam-Trax taking the first place in the bootcamp ventures marathon 2010. September 2010, Bootcampventures presented the promising startups and Cam-Trax won the 1st prize of best company. Watch here.
Cam-Trax taking the first place in TWS2009. Cam-Trax picked the first place in the most promising startup competition held in Tel Aviv by Globes (the leading financial newspaper in Israel) and Read more.
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Play with camspace
Demo, Play any game using a webcam and camspace!
Cam-Trax first video showing the basic and cool features of the technology – lock & load, easily lock the object as a controller and start playing.
Motion Games, People off the streets playing for the first time.
We took Cam-trax alpha version to the street to watch people's reaction to it. Guess what happened? We couldn't get back to the office!
Product Detection, Playing with Products! Advertisers & Fun.
Cam-Trax ability to identify brands and product transforms it into the perfect advertising tool, giving advertisers a unique tool for proof of purchase - when a game is unlocked with a specific product and brand attachment - when a game is played with the product itself.
Educational Games, Children & parents can't stop playing our games!
Comfy's online video, showing their new educational product with Cam-Trax technology.