Cam-Trax Technologies brings the motion experience to everyone! All you need is a standard webcam. With the Camspace platform, everyone can enjoy motion games. Online or offline, whether via their computer screen or TV set.

The platform dismisses the need of a mouse or a keyboard, working with a broad range of games and applications, allowing developers to create and distribute new motion content and website owners to embed the platform, adding a new and exciting motion section to their site.
The activity caught everyone's attention, it was something everyone found as unique and fun" "This is so cool! I've never seen that!" a girl using the fitness studio 15.5 avg min per user on the website, e-dologic on the commercial tennis project "The iCam shows a combination of excellent learning smart interface", Ynet reviewing Comfy "Coolest thing since ice" "CamSpace creates a Wii for everyone (minus the Nintendo console)"; "Control your PC, with a lemon wedge"